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  1. Take the PLAN Test

  2. Take the PSAT Test (Fall) as a practice for when it really counts, next year

  3. Use the Internet and start looking at colleges through their web sites, sign up for their Podcast, etc.

  4. Start attending college fairs in your area (where the colleges come in and give away information about their schools).

  5. Get a job (EVEN if your last name is Gates or Trump and you don’t have to)

  6. Start a college savings account and regularly deposit into it (in addition to what your parents have for you).

  7. “Job shadow” someone who does what you think you’d like to do (that means to follow them around for a day)

  8. Get involved in extracurricular activities

  9. Volunteer in your community

  • Explore careers and job opportunities in those careers

  • Study hard and do well in school – Remember, your grades will count toward college and will show up on your permanent record

  • Start to attend events on college campuses (plays, concerts, sporting events, activities related to your major, etc.)

  • Get to know your high school counselor (the College or Senior Counselor) and let them get to know you and your goals, career aspirations, schools you are considering, etc. Your parents may want to go along too.

  • Talk to your friends about what they plan to do after college. Talk to your parents and your friends’ parents about what they do.