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InnerCity Mission Scholarship with LDS Business College


1) This scholarship is only for new students entering or transferring to LDS Business College. Current LDSBC students do not qualify for this scholarship

2) This Scholarship will cover tuition only, you still need to plan for books and other expenses that may exist in each course you study.

3) This scholarship will cover tuition for one semester. If the student maintains a GPA of 3.0 or higher it is possible to receive a second scholarship automatically to cover tuition for the second semester.

4) To apply for this scholarship you will need to submit an essay, explaining your academic plans and why you should be awarded this scholarship. You will need to submit this essay to complete your application. If you do not have the essay ready, stop and come back when you are prepared to attach your essay.

5) You can apply for this scholarship before being accepted to LDSBC, however, if you are not accepted by the deadlines below, your scholarship will be canceled and you will need to apply again for the next semester. You can only apply for one semester at the time.


  • Fall 2017 Scholarship application deadline August 20th
    Acceptance to LDSBC deadline September 1st
  • Winter 2018 Scholarship application deadline December 5th
    Acceptance to LDSBC deadline December 15th
  • Spring 2018 Scholarship application deadline May 25th
    Acceptance to LDSBC deadline April 4th

To apply contact LDSBC admission’s office