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What is Pathway?

Designed to give students the confidence and skills needed to succeed in college, Pathway is a low-cost educational opportunity that combines online courses with local gatherings. Students earn college credit that is eligible for transfer to BYU-Idaho and some other universities. The program takes one year (or three semesters) to complete and can lead to professional certificates and degrees.

Pathway: More Than Education

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Pathway is a low-cost educational opportunity that mixes the flexibility of online academic courses, religious education, and the benefits of face-to-face gatherings with other students. This experience helps students develop confidence, become self-reliant, build leadership experience, and gain employable skills — all while learning by the Spirit within the framework of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, non-native English speakers can improve their language skills through Pathway’s L version.

What’s more, as an ecclesiastical leader, Pathway can be a powerful tool in your ministry.